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Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way… Ahhh Santa Season!!!!! Hey readers, again it’s a beautiful time of the year that is around the corner. Yes happy holidays are about to begin, aren’t you excited for the wintery celebration.

Remember that scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Monica Geller was allowing her friends Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler to decorate her Christmas tree? Not really expected from a perfectionist like her, isn’t it? But for her, it was not about the perfect Christmas tree but rather decorating a tree together with her loved ones. Though all felt that the side the friends decorated, didn’t really feel like Christmassy, so the perfect side (as decorated by Monica) was ultimately displayed.

Unique Christmas tree Decoration Ideas 2021

But trust me, decorating a Christmas tree perfectly is no big a deal! All you need is to follow some easy steps and make your family or friends follow that too. You can have a lovely time altogether, and end up decorating an amazing Christmas tree, just like the one you see in books, or on the internet.

Get yourself a high-quality artificial tree:

Artificial Christmas trees and long-lasting, sturdy and reusable. They are crafted from premium materials, and thus are a great support for decorations. Go for a traditional tree, and not something pre-decorated or pre-lit.

Choose the height as per your choice. There are brands offering artificial Christmas trees ranging from a height of 4ft to 7ft. Or, if you are the loyalist kind, like every year, buy yourself a nice, fuller, real Christmas tree.

Shaping and fluffing of branches:

Do you know how you can make your tree look fuller? By fluffing up the branches. This can be a bit hectic and time-consuming, but the final result is worth all the time and effort.

Each branch should be separated so they fan out and cover the maximum area possible. You can also bend down some branches to fill up the remaining gaps. A properly-shaped tree is much more appealing, even if they have minimal decorations and embellishments.

Choose a theme to design:

A professional Christmas tree usually has a central theme around which the decorations are made. Depending upon the theme buy the decorative pieces that gives you a clearer idea on how to decorate your tree. For some inspiration, you can always take the internet’s help.

Lighting comes first:

While pre-lit and pre-decorated Christmas trees are popular among the busy-bees, if you want to decorate your plain tree to something stunning, you would need LED hanging clip lights.

Lightning experts advise 5 metres of light per 2ft of Christmas tree. So, if you choose to put up a 6ft tree, you would need 15 metres of light.

Put up the lights first. It becomes difficult to put up lights once the tree is decorated. As the experts advise, you should start wrapping the string of lights around the tree trunk, and all the way up to the branches, nearest to the tree, and continue weaving it upwards. Keep weaving until you reach the tip of the branches.

Do wrap it alternately in such a manner that if one bulb is positioned under a branch, the next one should be positioned above one.

To give it a personal touch you can also hang your favourite holiday pictures from LED photo clip string lights and wrap it around the centre of your tree. This acts as an amazing decorative piece and makes your Christmas tree look all the way more special.

Choosing the correct decorative pieces:

As mentioned earlier, a theme calls for the right set of decorations. So, if you already have thought of a theme, you are a step closer to decorate your tree perfectly.

Also, whether it’s garlands, flowers, ribbons or hanging tree decorations, choose things that would complement your tree. A variety of bauble sets are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Combining these with the traditional ones will help you play up with the theme more.

Clustering the baubles:

Designing experts recommend clustering three to five baubles, of different shapes, sizes and colours, to add volume and visual appeal to your tree. You can also choose to put up the same pieces together.

Try hanging bigger baubles close to the centre of the tree, giving it more depth, and hang the smaller ones towards the tip of the branches.

You can hang the delicate baubles at the top of the tree, and towards the end of your decoration, away from the reach, to prevent damages or breakages of the baubles.

We, are now left with just a few of the last tips.

Styling of ribbons:

Think of decorating your Christmas tree with decorative pieces of ribbon. You can mix and match the types and colours of ribbons to add variations to your tree. For style tips on how to arrange the ribbons, you can check on some ideas on the internet.

Look for the right tree-topper:

Putting up a beautiful tree-topper is like adding the finishing touch to your creation. Make sure you choose one that suits your theme and the size of your Christmas tree.  You can also try making your own tree-topper.

Create a balance in the décor:

There are many types of Christmas decorations available. But make sure they are well-spread and are of the right quantity. They should neither be overcrowded nor should it be very less. Arrange the embellishments from the top, and keep decorating until you reach the bottom. In this way, it will be easier for you to decorate it, and finish it off with style.


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