What Causes Hair Breakage and How to Manage It

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Damaged hair happens when you have many issues internally and externally. To manage your hair damage and breakage we have listed down the reasons and what can be done.

The causes of hair breakage are plenty but mostly it is because of your diet, stress, lack of exercise, and hair products. Hair breakage can be experienced by everyone and every kind of hair. Generally dry and frizzy hair are more prone to breakage because they lack moisture. More often than not hair breakage can be managed and reversed. One of the ways is to use t444z hair food. It has almost no preservatives and it helps your hair gain more strength and shine.

What are the causes of hair breakage:-

Products and Styling

Products and styling always cause your hair to become weak. They strip your hair of its natural oils. It maybe a shocker but many shampoos are known to disturb your pH level and cause your hair to become brittle and break. Decide on a shampoo which has a neutral pH level. It helps you make balance the pH level in your scalp, so it doesn’t make it oily or dry. After you shampoo you can always use t444z uk massage it on your scalp and leave it on for a few minutes and rinse it off.

Over- Brushing

Over-brushing is as is self-explanatory. Too much of brushing causes your hair to break and have more split ends. You should always brush your hair only when you wish to style it. So, the next time you decide to brush your hair 100 times, think of this blog.

Heat & lack of moisture

One of the biggest reason’s why we have damage and breakage is because we use a lot of styling products. We use a lot of heat, curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers. Constant use of these can make your hair dry, brittle and breakage is inevitable. Severe heat or humidity and even cold causes your hair to break because your hair is already exposed to such dirt and pollution the weather only dries it out further.


That rigorous back and forth motion you do while rubbing your hair dry. DON’T. that causes the most damage possible. Your hair gets caught in the fibers and it tugs at it and breaks. It also causes your hair to have extra frizz. Wet hair is more likely to break than dry hair. So, always use a t-shirt or a microfiber towel while drying your hair. Don’t use a normal towel.

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It is true when they say what you eat is what you are. Your diet decides what kind of hair you will have. Having the right kind of protein, fats and micronutrients ensures that your hair will grow to be stronger, thicker and more luscious. Some of the essentials in a balanced diet are

  • Omega 3 fatty acids these help your hair have strength and shine.
  • Protein is the most important element because hair is made up of keratin, which is a protein.
  • Vitamin D. Sun is a necessity for your hair to have health and not break at the smallest tug
  • Iron helps your hair grow and also be stronger than usual. It also help your hair’s thickness a bit
  • Zinc helps your hair tissues be repaired and grow stronger. Your sebaceous glands also need nourishment and zinc provides that.

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All of the above are even supplemented in t444z hair products which are made out of natural ingredients.

Always know that before you take any steps for your hair understand what your hair needs. Understand how it behaves with each shampoo, conditioner and hair cream which you believe is right for your hair. Change your hair care routine and also make sure you give your hair proper relaxation and massages to be able to help blood circulate to your scalp better. Avoid tying your hair in a tight bun or a pony very often. That causes your hair to have weak roots and break easily. It also stops blood flow to your scalp and in turn that causes lack of nutrients. Be kind to your hair.


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