Ultimate Guide to First Trimester of Pregnancy

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Congratulations!!!! You are moving to the new phase of your life. Now that you’re pregnant, it is time to take extra care of yourself. It is very important to take care especially in the initial first trimester of your pregnancy. By the end of the first trimester, a baby is already fully formed. He is about 3.9 inches long and around 28 Grams in weight. At this time, your baby will have arms, hands, fingers, feet, and toes. The baby will be able to close or open mouth, and the circulatory and urinary systems of your baby will be working.

All these changes happen in a short time, so it’s a critical 12 weeks (approx. 3 Months) between a fertilized egg and a recognizable proto-human. Therefore it is a must that you have to take care of yourself for healthy baby growth and safe pregnancy. Here in this article, I am going to discuss some common issues and Tips to Take Care during the First trimester of your pregnancy.

How are you feeling?

Your answer might be “exhausted and nauseous” which is the most common issue faced in the first trimester. Do you have any idea that during this, your body is building a home that can nourish and protect your baby for the next nine months? This is a tough job and takes a lot of energy so it is time to stop being superwoman and listen to what your body needs. Let things go for a while and slow down at work. Also, take help from your partner in house Chaos. Take proper rest and put your feet up as much as possible.

Nausea is another issue faced by most of the women. They call it morning sickness. Don’t worry, this is normal. There are some proofs that nausea is nature’s way of protecting the baby. Mostly this morning sickness disappears by the end of the first trimester. Until then, healthy food can help with nausea.

Some women experience severe nausea called hyperemesis gravidarum. You should call your health care professional for help.

What should you do?

You are supposed to follow a “healthy lifestyle” with a good diet and regular exercise. Most women can continue life as usual while pregnancy. You need to eat lots of food and veggies, protein and fibers. Don’t consider pregnancy as a disease. Maintain enough calories to keep yourself healthy and ensure the healthy growth of your Baby.

The most important thing is to take a multivitamin for a good pregnancy. Consult your doctor for advice. Add folic acid, vitamin B as essential supplements that promote red blood cells and helps to avoid birth defects. These vital Substances have to be taken daily or as per your doctor’s prescription.

According to the experts, Folic acid is essential in the first trimester of pregnancy, you should take this supplement regularly. However, some vitamins like A, D, and E are not recommended in pregnancy.

What to Eat:-

During your first trimester of pregnancy, you feel dull and want to avoid food but this is not good for your pregnancy. You must take a healthy diet for the healthy growth of your baby and also for your health.  Avoid eating a lot at a time, Divide your meal in a small portion, and add healthy food in your diet. Here are some suggested foods for you:-

Pilchards, sardines, anchovies

These Small sizes fishes have lower mercury levels and are very high in omega 3 fatty acids, which helps for the brain development of your Baby.


Eggs are rich in folic acid and protein. Folic acid is essential during the first trimester to prevent neural tube defects.


Your body will leach calcium from your skeleton to fulfill the calcium requirement of your baby. Therefore it is very important to take calcium during pregnancy.

Green leafy vegetables

Again the green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of folic acid and iron which is essential during your pregnancy.

Water and herbal teas

Your fluid intake needs to be increased during pregnancy. Water is best, but caffeine-free herbal teas are also fine.

I hope you have a good read. 🙂

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