My Bio

Hi!! My name is Aditi. Thanks for following my Blog. I am the founder and editor of this Blog.
I was born in Jaipur, India in 1991. After Graduating in Computer Science Engineering from the Rajasthan Technical University, I launched my career as a content creator in a digital marketing company where my responsibility was to write creative content on beauty, Skincare, and Fitness.

After working as a content writer for 1 year, I became head editorial manager. Then I move to my current profession as ” Digital Marketer”. During this time I Started “The Ideate Blogging”. During my career, I’ve published thousands of articles on different Websites. A good chunk involved Health & Fitness but also parenting, traveling and food recipes – all of which finds its way into this blog.

I am looking forward to seeing my blog among one of the top blogs and become my Full-Time Job. I love hearing and learning from my readers to give them more of what they want to see. I enjoy seeing how readers worldwide enjoy reading my blog!

I would love to always hear from you, so do not hesitate to contact me at any time!

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