Increase Your Bone Weight By Consuming These Foods

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Strong and healthy bones are something that most of us want to have. If you are someone with weak bones then sooner or later you will start having bone-related problems. Consuming foods that are rich in calcium, protein, and collagen does help in increasing your bone health.

Calcium and protein are two vital nutrients that our bones require to stay healthy and strong. If your body lacks any one of these nutrients then it might be an alarming situation for you. Although you don’t need to panic as there is always a solution to most of the problems.

Foods for Healthy Bones:-

There are certain foods that can help in improving your bone health. Foods that are rich in calcium, protein, and collagen. Such foods are not difficult to find as these are some of the most consumed foods in the world. The only problem is that how we consume them. Food like powdered bone broth, salmon, kale, nuts, and chicken are rich in such nutrients and they help in improving your bone health.

If you are consuming these foods from a source that contains processed meat and fried things than this is your big mistake. Such foods won’t make you healthy but will lead to bad health. The following list of foods for is what you need to improve your health.


Seafood is low in carbs and contains a good amount of collagen and protein. It is considered to be the best food for Strong bone and muscle health. It helps in increasing your bone weight. More than 55% of our bone structure is made up of calcium and protein. This is why consuming such foods is so important for our bone health.

Certain fish like sardine have bones that are edible. They are the pure source of calcium, collagen, and protein. So try to add sardine to your diet and this will help to promote bone health. Although you should keep in mind that try not to consume too much fish in your diet. Always eat small portions and make a weekly diet chart.

Lean Beef:

Lean beef is also a great source of protein and collagen. So try to add this to your diet as well. Lean beef is a good source of vitamin E and collagen. These nutrients help in making your bones more flexible.

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If you don’t want to consume lean beef you can replace it with chicken breast as both of these are considered lean meat which helps in improving your bone and muscle health. Lean beef also helps in making your tendons strong which is also good for your bone mass.

Bone Broth:

This is one food that contains all the nutrients that your bones require. It is rich in collagen, protein, calcium, vitamin E, magnesium, and many other nutrients. All these nutrients are great for your bone health. There are different types of bone broths that you can consume, beef bone broth is one of the most preferred foods for Healthy Bones due to its nutrition value.

Bone broth is something that takes some time to cook. It is made on a slow heat and during this time all the nutrients of the bones are transferred to the broth. Having bone broth in your diet gives you several health benefits. Apart from being good for your bones, it also helps in reducing the inflammation of your body.

Milk and Cottage Cheese:

Dairy foods are rich in calcium and protein. Milk and cottage cheese are more preferred when it comes to healthy dairy foods. These two are low in carbs and help in improving your bone health. Some people have a problem with lactose, it is recommended that such people should avoid dairy foods.

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Cottage cheese is also considered to be a good post-workout food as it contains a good amount of protein. Protein helps in making your muscles strong, and also your bones. This is why consuming cottage cheese in your diet is so important to increase your bone weight.


These are some of the foods that are great for your bone health. They are rich in calcium, protein, and collagen all of which help in increasing your bone weight and strength. There are certain foods that you should avoid if you want to gain bone weight. Spinach, fried food, soda, and processed meat is not good for your bone health. Try to avoid such foods and consume the ones that I have mentioned above.


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