How to prepare for Holi 2020| Ways to prepare for Holi Festival 2020

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The most craziest festival of India is around the corner. This is the most colorful and chaos festival celebrated to welcome the spring season. Holi is the day when people forget not only the social restrictions but go bonkers. If you are excited for Holi 2020, check out how to prepare for Holi 2020.

Holi is festival of Colour. Here I am going to help you out with ways to prepare for Holi festival. It is the time rock messy chaotic party. It is the most beautiful and my favorite festival as it is like a giant ball fight. A Chalky bright powder is thrown over everyone in the celebration. According to the Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated on the day after the Full Moon in the month of March.

Known as the festival of colours, Holi is a much bigger deal in the north of India than it is in the south. But no matter which part of India you are in, the main aspect of celebrating Holi remains the same, getting yourself and others totally covered in colours. No matter where you choose to celebrate here are my tips on making the most of this carnival of colour!

How to prepare for Holi 2020:-

How to prepare for Holi Celebration

This year, be prepared for the Holi 2020 Celebration, before going out to play Holi.  This hacks and tips will help you be better prepared for this big colorful festival. I will let you help with how to prepare for Holi festival.

Apply Nail Polish On Your Nails!

Before going to play holi, you must use transparent nail polish. You can experiment with some cool funky nail art.

Oil Your Hair Properly!

I know Oil sucks!!! But Champi is always doing something nice to you. Some Oil won’t ruin your Holi looks, and ruined look is better than ruined hair. You can try some trendy stylish hairstyles with Oily Hair Too.  This is One of the Best haircare tips for Holi Celebration to protect your Hairs for Chemicals.

Body Lotion Is Must!

You must put body Lotion all over the body otherwise it is difficult to get off the colours from your Body. Make sure to put lotion that creates a protective layer preventing the colors to penetration into your skin.

Choose Your Clothes Carefully

This is must Step that help with how to prepare for Holi 2020 Celebration. We all want to put on white clothes like those in TV Shows and Movies personalities do but we won’t until we are not fortunate to have something very old and is white. Try to pick the one whose material does not absorb water. Try to cover your skin as much as you can with your clothes.

Follow these best Tips for Holi Celebration to fully enjoy the beautiful Holi Celebration without destroying you hair and Skin.


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