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GET READY FOR KARWA CHAUTH:– Indian is rich in its cultural and religious values. Indian celebrates many festivals and the Karva Chauth is one of the beautiful Indian festivals. On this day a married woman keeps a fast for the well-being of her husband. This fast has stringent rules but every married Hindu woman celebrates it with great dedication and love. The vast array of savories, gifts, and the opportunity to dress up; makes this long fast day-long a smooth ride.

Karwa Chauth in Glance:-

Karwa Chauth Day: – Wednesday

Karwa Chauth Date:– 4th November 2020

Auspicious time for Sandhya Puja – 5:34 pm to 6:06 pm (Wednesday 4th November)

Moonrise Timing:–  7.57 pm.

So all the ladies, out there as this auspicious day is just coming, are you prepared? If you don’t have any idea yet, scroll down this article to read a quick guide to get ready for karwa Chauth in a jiffy.

How to get ready for Karwa Chauth 2020

Here I have summed up some outfit ideas and makeup tips to get the beautiful karwa Chauth look even when you have little time to get ready, especially for the working ladies as the karwa Chauth is on peak working day this year.

What to wear on Karwa Chauth 2020?

Most of the ladies opt for their wedding outfits for their first karwa Chauth Fast which is really nice but if you are in the mood to ditch those heavy outfits, go grab a beautiful designer Saree to look like a queen on this auspicious day. If draping a saree is not your cup of tea (Like Me :p) you can choose a lehenga. You can also opt for Indo western dresses, Anarkali suits, or a Punjabi Patiala dress to impress you better Half. 

 Pick a bright colour for your outfits like maroons, hot pink, beige and red combination, or any other colour. Try to avoid colours like Black and blue.

Colours according to your Zodiac sign:-

Aries – Dark Red Color

Taurus- Yellow Color

Gemini -Green Color

Cancer – Pink Color

Leo – Scarlet

Virgo – Green

Libra – Pink or Yellow  with White Embroidery

Scorpio – Plain Saree

Sagittarius – Light Yellow

Capricorn – Brown

Aquarius – Maroon 

Pisces – Yellow

Easy Hairstyle for Karwa Chauth:-

It’s time to experiment with the hairstyle, you can go with a most convenient bun, or a stylish braid to look like a diva on Karwa Chauth.  To achieve the ultimate traditional look, add some flowers to your bun.

Mehendi and Nail Art:-

Karwa Chauth is the day to adorn your hands and feet in designer and beautiful Mehendi. Choose from rich henna designs for your hands and feet. Also, give a twist to your look with some pretty nail art and unleash your creativity.

Makeup Tips for Karwa Chauth:-

Makeup for Eyes: Eyes are the most prominent feature of yours. Use the golden eye shadow on your eyes to give a classy glittery look. Use some highlighter on your lower brows and apply thick kohl. Apply a thick eyeliner on your upper lids. Finish the eye makeup with a fine coat of mascara for the perfect look.

Makeup for Cheeks

After creating a fine makeup base with the right skin tone foundation, use a darker shade of blusher on your cheeks for contouring.

Makeup for Lips

As this is the day of achieving the traditional look at best, apply a darker shade of red on the lips But if you want to ditch those clinched red color apply mellowed shades of lip colour for a clean refreshing look.

Karva Chauth is all about the good vibes, romantic feel and nothing make ladies feel awesome than dressing well, especially for their husbands on this auspicious day. Be it an outfit, jewellery, or makeup, everything adds to the feel-good factor to their overall mood. So, follow these tips to get ready for karwa Chauth, and feel gorgeous.


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