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Good Nutritious and healthy diet is very important for the growth of your Child. But Handling the eating habits of toddlers could be a daunting task. It is very hard to make a fussy baby eat healthily. Healthy Meals for Kids affect the growth and development of the kids so, being a parent you must take good care of their eating habits.

Check out some Healthy Food For Kids:-

We are here to introduce you to some Healthy Food For Picky Kids ensuring  taste and health both. Try these at home and we can assure you that it won’t disappoint you.

Scrambled eggs

Healthy Food For Kids

It is of no big deal to make a scrambled egg. It is a great meal your child could have. They will find it tasty when you experiment with the flavors using various spices.

Chicken fingers with homemade tomato sauce:-

Healthy Food For Kids

Coat the slices of chicken leg in bread crumb and fry it to make delicious dinner for your kids. Go one step forward and make a homemade tomato sauce or any other kind of sauce you know to make. This is going to be a taste enhancer for the ‘fried fingers’.

Roasted potatoes and other vegetables:-

Healthy Food For Kids

This is best one of the Healthy meals for kids. If your child does not like to have steamed veggies which is a common problem every parent faces while feeding one’s child, than you should try roasting the veggies. Beans, potato, broccoli, onions, cabbage or any other veggies you wish can be roasted in an oven. But keep in mind to add flavors in it by using lemon, vinegar, salt Etc or other spices if you wish to add more for Health. Use a low amount of olive oil or coconut oil. This is the best way to ensure vitamins and minerals to your kids in an easy way.

Homemade cheese pizza:-

Healthy Food For Kids

This recipe is best of you are looking for best food for picky kids. You know kids love pizza but ordering it from outside could cost you a lot and hygiene issues will keep bothering you as well. So you should reincarnate a sandwich into a pizza just putting a few your efforts. You can experiment with different types of veggies to hide these beneath Mozzarella cheese which will not draw enough attention of the child as this will taste like a piece of heaven. Don’t forget to add Oregano and other herbs to it to burst the taste buds with this pizza.

Chocolate and dry fruit balls:-

Healthy Food For Kids

Make these balls using chocolate and dry fruits to ensure proper nutrients during snacks time for your kids. If your child is fond of chocolate and doesn’t like to have dry nuts, this could be the best way to sneak dry fruits into his system by not letting him/ her know what’s going on.

Creamy tomato soup with added veggies and basil:-

Healthy Food For Kids

You know how to make a bowl of tomato soup right. What you need to do is to add steamed veggies like thin sliced capsicum, beans, onion, carrot etc into this bowl of soup. Add fresh cream to give the soup smooth texture and flavor.  Add basil leaves on the top to complete the taste of the soup. And here it is what your child should have to ensure Healthy meals for kids on a daily basis.

Try these Recipes to provide a healthy meal for your growing child. If you like this article please Comment below and share.


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