Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Face Mask

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Are you sure that you are wearing your mask properly? You may be doing it wrong. Folks, you might expose yourself to the possibility of getting infected by the virus. Yes, it certainly requires attention. What is happening is that people are getting infected by the virus but are not aware of where they got it from. A mask could really be helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19, but yes there is a proper way to wear one.

Always remember masks are just a safety measure or precaution. A few advisable ways to safeguard against the contagious COVID-19 are social distancing, washing your hands, and only leaving your home for necessary errands. The surgical face masks are highly effective as well as useful to combat the spread.

Always remember that your mask should be made of quality fabric. People are likely to be infected or may catch the virus when they touch an infected or contaminated surface, or shake hands and then touch their face.

Don’t wear a hand-woven or do it yourself mask. In the name of the face mask, certain vendors are selling substandard masks that serve no good.

We are living in times when wearing a mask has become a necessity and practising social distancing is highly encouraged. Wearing a face mask is the new normal. Yes, wearing a face mask and carrying hand sanitizers have become the need of the hour. Face masks are effective as well as successful in the prevention of COVID-19 infection.

Why wearing a face mask is important?

Masks are more likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19. A mask may help people prevent the spread of the deadly virus that has taken a significant toll on people’s life. There is no such solid evidence of protection for the wearer, but it reduces the chances of catching the infection. The virus can spread between people who are close to each other.

To be honest, a face mask is an absolute must-have as per today’s environment. The surgical face masks act as a barrier to help combat respiratory droplets from traveling through the air and entering in your respiratory system through your nose or mouth.

This post will bring light on why wearing a face mask is important and a few rules to be followed while wearing a mask.

Read on to know how a face mask helps combat the virus.

  • Always wash or sanitize your hands properly before touching the face mask.
  • Wearing a mask anytime you go out could take some time before you get used to it.
  • The mask should properly cover your nose and mouth. There shouldn’t be any gap.
  • Don’t buy the mask if it is defective and has holes or torn.
  • Don’t buy an extremely loose mask, specifically on the sides. Yes folks, make sure that you can breathe properly.
  • Don’t fiddle or play with the mask.
  • When you’re taking off the mask make sure you do not touch the outside of the mask and then touch the inside and wear it back on.
  • Don’t touch the outside of the mask. This is the worst thing, the chances of catching the virus is higher. That is why doctors advise not to touch your face.

Hope it has been a useful read. Until we bring another post have a great time.


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